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Free Indeed…

freeindeed_08162This morning I am supposed to be working on a presentation for a ministry event this weekend and I sense  the Lord saying, “Write something for men who have been abused.” My initial instinct is to duck this assignment because I am not interested in opening wounds for people if I am not present to tend to them or available to help people process.  Yes, I know that God is sovereign and that God will place the right people in the right places, at the right time.  So, here I am writing for my brothers ~ red, yellow, black and white!  This is not a race thing but a reconciliation thing! I want to journey with you as you are reconciled back to yourself!

I am a survivor of sexual abuse; so, I know the pains that come with that trauma.  I was 26 years old when I told my parents what happened to me as a child and I never told them that I had been violated as a college student.  Because at some twisted level I blamed myself for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong guy.  I thought he was right, but at the tender age of 17 what did I know about the “right guy”.

I give this back story to share that I know the shame, the guilt (for something you had no control over), the pains and the dysfunctions that come with all of that!  I write to let you know that freedom is available! Healing is accessible! Love and total acceptance is knocking at your door.  If it wasn’t so, you wouldn’t be reading this at this time and engaged to find out what I’m saying.  I’ve been a part of deep inner-healing work (both as a participant and facilitator),  for almost 10 years now and I promise you, when I started I was a mess.  But, through the grace of God, the sweet communion of the Holy spirit, some wonderful caregivers and my commitment to tell myself the truth I am on a beautiful healing journey now.

I sense the need to say, be honest with yourself! Slowly begin to take off the mask you’ve been face-reality-male-laurie-cooperwearing!  Admit that you are in pain! Admit that your dysfunctional behaviors really aren’t anesthetizing your pain and that you are ready to do your work!  Help is available! I and some of my equipped colleagues would love to journey with you as you pursue your healing! I guarantee, it will make you a better self, better mate, better parent, better co-worker, and a better individual all around.  I know it’s not easy for men to give voice to this because of the stigmas and perceptions that come with this.  So let’s do this in a safe, nonjudgmental, non-condemning, loving, and accepting space; where you are free to be, and free to feel, and free to pour out for your freedom’s sake!

You are worthy and you’re worth it!  If you’re not ready to talk, but want to begin to investigate what you’ve been going through and how you’re feeling: breathe, give yourself permission to feel and check out some of these resources!!!

Meditation scripture: John 8:36 ~ So think of it this way: if the Son comes to make you free, you will really be free.                                                               Voice Translation

Take good care of you!!!  Lisa

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Be Still…

img_0771This morning I overslept. So, I didn’t make it to church. My friend, Marlene texted me to see if I was ok because I kept coming up in her spirit. I told her that I was okay as far as I knew, but that was an alternative fact. In other words ~ that was a lie! My spirit was not settled! Looking at the events that have taken place over the course of the last week in our country, I realize it is effecting me in ways that I don’t like. My anger is rising; my questions are rising and initially I couldn’t seem to get myself together.

When I got quiet and sought God, the word that came to me was Psalm 46:10 ~ “Be still and know that I am God”. The word didn’t say, sit still – it said “be still”. I take this to mean, don’t sit still and do nothing; but rather be active, get educated on what you can do to become a part of the solution, speak peace to your spirit and pray!!! If I can’t get into the community to do anything physically, I know for certain that I can wage war in the heavenlies against the demonic forces that we are witnessing.

I don’t pretend to know the mind of God or why this is being allowed in this land. But what I do know is that the Lord has never left me, nor forsaken me. So, if I can offer anything to someone who is feeling the same kind of pressure that I am feeling, speak to your spirit and rest in Psalm 46:10. Don’t sit still! Be still!

Take good care of you!




Wake Up!!!

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timetowakeupThis past weekend, I had the privilege to travel to Cincinnati, OH to minister with the Healing Care Team under the leadership of Dr. R. Neal Siler, the founder of The Healing Place ~ Center for Counseling and Spiritual Direction.  Our seminar, “Living with Loss: Finding Hope & Resurrection”, was our focus.  Friday night the move of God was so amazing that while we were sent to minister to the Bibleway Church, we were blessed to see people get breakthroughs and blinders falling off of many.  I absolutely love the work that I’ve been called to in this season of my life.  I love when people show up who are thirsty for God and what God has for them.  It is a beautiful sight, to the spiritual eye, when people who were blind, begin to see; when they have finally gotten to the place that they are sick and tired of being sick and tired; and they are really ready to do the deep inner work to live in a healthier place.

As the weekend progressed, Friday was unbelievable.  But Saturday morning the revelation knowledge that was downloaded was life changing for the team and the participants alike.  And then it happened…my teammate, Dr. Emily said, “I’m not sleepy, why am I falling asleep?”  I began to look around and realized that lots of people were falling asleep.  This was early Saturday morning, so it wasn’t an ‘itus’ moment – where you fall asleep after eating.  I sensed the Lord saying, “This is what happens when you are made aware!” “What does that mean God?”, was my question.  The nudging of the Spirit informed me that when we are made aware, the enemy’s tactic is to lull us to sleep.  I was further revealed for me to look at this on a larger scale.

Think about what is happening in our country even now with racism on the rise; death and dying on the rise; murder by the people who are supposed to protect on the rise; ptime-for-a-change-gaia-meditationresidential candidates that you can’t trust; education short-falls on the rise; people living in fear and not certain who or what to trust anymore; prison industrial complexes (modern day slavery) on the rise; and the list goes on and on! We’re hurting each other, some times intentionally and sometimes not.  It’s a lot!  The point is, we’re aware of these issues, but many of us have been lulled to sleep and are stuck in a do-nothing stage.  This is what I call, bystander apathy.  We’ve got to do our part in helping Thy Kingdom to come – on earth as it is in heaven!!!  The Kingdom of God has need of you!

Please take time to quiet your spirit and seek guidance on what your next steps are in order to live your best life!  You have been created to do great things, but youdidn't wake up to be mediocre have to be in a healthy place in order to live into the fullness of who you are! If the Lord has made you aware of the work assigned to your hands and your next steps, please don’t fall asleep.

Meditation Scriptures:

John 9:25(b) ~ “But I know this: I was blind, and now I can see!”;  Isaiah 52:1(a) ~ Wake up,  wake up, O Zion!  Clothe yourself with strength.

Take good care of you,


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self acceptanceFor the last 3 or 4 weeks God has been dealing with me on the word ~ embarrassment.  I am wrestling with the thought that embarrassment comes from one of three thoughts – one out of fear, one out of shame, and the other out of arrogance.  Stay with me as I hash this out, outside of my head and let me know your perspective…

When I am embarrassed by behaviors or life situation of others, am I saying, considering, or thinking that I am better than that individual and they should behave and live in a manner that is comfortable or befitting of what I think is right? Yes!   I realize we all have an overly intoxicated cousin, a loud friend, an obnoxious co-worker or someone we know up close and personal who wears a 4x but buys a size 12…We all know people who we really wish would act differently.  But, if we were honest about what “differently” means ~ I am realizing that it means for me, in a way that fits what “I think” is appropriate.  How does the way someone else behave effect you?  The people who think less of you because of someone else’s behavior is looking through a lens of piety. What arrogance!  Who am I to determine how someone else should act; what they should wear; how they should fix ‘their’ hair; or with whom they should mingle?

When I am embarrassed by my own behavior or life situation, am I saying that others are more important than me and that I should live or behave in a manner that makes them comfortable, Image result for self acceptance imagesbecause if I don’t I may not be accepted by them? Yes!  This is shame or fear of rejection!!!  What am I saying to my own soul when I think that I have to assimilate and become something or somebody else in order to fit in with others?  What do we say to our soul when we create a pseudo-personality or lifestyle in order for others to think that we are more than even we believe about ourselves? We are saying that we are not enough and that we have to live a lie in order to be accepted!  Now don’t get me wrong, I believe there are places that certain behaviors are inappropriate and that we have to exercise some tack and decorum – not necessarily to make others comfortable, but to demonstrate that we have been taught something about social skills.  But, I have no right to determine who you should be just so that I am comfortable!

What a posture of arrogance we sit in when we don’t accept people for who they are when we encounter them.  Gregory Boyd said in Repenting of Religion that “love is the central command in scripture and judgment is the central prohibition.” Therefore we need to turn to God’s love and away from condemnation.  Because if the truth be told, we all have something that we could be working on as we journey towards healing!  A close friend challenged me when I said I wish a tennis player would do something with his hair.  He asked me why?  I said, “First, he’s black and representing us and then it’s just nappy and he looks unkempt!”  He said, “Lisa, that guy didn’t sign up as your representative and how do you decide that he looks unkempt.  Is it because his hair is not something that you’re okay with?”

That conversation was about 3 years ago, but as I consider the word embarrassment and how typically self-acceptance is not encouraged but rather that people live and exist in a place that is comfortable for others, I’m repentant.  So with that, I apologize to every individual that I’ve ever tried to make live in the box that kept me safe at the cost of sacrificing yourself in order to be in relationship with me! Love who God made you to be!

Meditation Scriptures:

Genesis 1:27 So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created themmale and female he created them.

Psalm 139:13-14 You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.14 Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.


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Take good care of you…