Healed Girls Rock

Do You Want to be Made Whole?


Mission:  To make a positive difference in the lives of women by ministering to their heart, soul, mind, and spirit through prayer, facilitation, and non-judgmental communication; helping them to become confident, caring, competent, Spirit-led, balanced leaders in our community and their homes; encouraging participants to find ways to alleviate stress, discover better ways to solve problems, and learn new ways of relating to God and others.

Vision:  We envisage providing a Christian Life Skills program that will afford women in the community the opportunity to become equipped with the necessary skills and biblical principles to deal with the realities of life and gain the ability to exhale.


  1. To create a team of women who will prayerfully seek the will of God concerning the needs of the women in our community;
  2. To strengthen the women of this community by building relationships through bible studies, seminars, workshops, and events that include both privileged and disadvantaged women;
  3. To encourage the women of our community to become committed to active participation in the planned events where common issues and concerns will be addressed;
  4. To provide the opportunity for women to network with other Christian women by holding fellowships that will facilitate the building of positive relationships;
  5. To introduce Jesus to the women in the community who don’t have a connection with a local church and begin to develop a plan in pursuing their purpose in life;
  6. To inspire women to become confident, competent, caring, comforting, Spirit-led balanced leaders in the community and their homes;
  7. To identify connections between healing, humility and hospitality and act with each toward others.

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