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When I was life giving wordsyoung I often heard my elders say, be careful who you hang around ~ you’ll be judged by the company you keep.  While that may have been good advice to a point, the fact of the matter is we shouldn’t be judging people.  That’s God’s job!  And then, on the other hand… we really do need to consider the company we keep when individuals, activities, or commitments are draining the life out of us.  I’ve had to do some tough self-reflecting and admit that I’ve participated in some pretty draining relationships and behaviors over the last few years.  I had a Messianic complex and was in the business of trying to save folks; some who didn’t ask me to save real-life-giving-logothem, didn’t come into my life for that purpose and then there were those that who didn’t want to be saved.  There is nothing more draining than attempting to rescue someone who isn’t interested in being saved!!! I’ve learned the hard, costly way, Jesus saves! Not Lisa!

My thought or question this week is: what gives you life?  Please don’t be deep, spooky and super-spiritual.  I know that God is the only one who can give us life… My question is what keeps you going; who or what makes your world rock; who pours into you when you are feeling depleted?

My pastor used the word “withness” in one of our seminars earlier this year and I love it! When I say it, it gives me a sense of connection.  It’s another form of the word togetherness.  When I think of who’s really “with me”, I consider those people and opportunitiesbuds that give me life.  When I think of  my personal life-giving areas, I think of my family and the support system that is found “within” my family.  We can be super dysfunctional sometimes, because nobody hits the mark every time – but they make my world rock!  I also think of my pastor and our Healing Care Team.  One thing we definitely understand is how to encourage one another.   I think about some wonderful people who I call friends, and they respond in kind.  I’m blessed to be a blessing.  I am so grateful that I have relationships that are consistently supportive and supported.

life is too shortSo I’m inviting you to investigate the people and the connections you have (whether they are work, church, community, or personal).  Really consider whether these connections are life-giving or life draining.  Do you realize that we often stay in life-draining situations because they are familiar, because we don’t want to be alone, because we don’t want to fail, because we don’t have or want to exert the necessary energy to disconnect and sometimes we stay because we haven’t given ourselves permission to let our heart break so that we can heal from the toxicity of others regularly disappointing us?  Sometimes we must allow the pruning process to be done in order to bear good fruit.  So what say you…who or what gives you life?  And how are you making positive deposits into someone else’s life?

Meditation scriptures:

John 4:14 I offer water that will become a wellspring within you that gives life throughout eternity. You will never be thirsty again;  Job 10:12 Your care has saved my come to me and drinkspirit, and You have given me life and loyalty;

Take good care of you!




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Clergy, Social Justice Advocate, Servant, Educator, Facilitator, Counselor in Richmond, VA

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