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God Has Not Forgotten…

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On December 28, 2005 God sent a prophetic voice to speak to me, making a declaration that has yet to come to fruition. I knew this man to be a holy man, because he spoke things that ONLY the Holy Spirit could have revealed to him. However, there have been moments, periods, days, and yes, times that I have reminded God, asked God if he remembered and even wondered if I was confused about what I have been told ~ those things spoken over me and to me! I love God! Whenever I begin to doubt, to grow weary in my well doing, and want to act like Sarai – when she helped God using Hagar, He reminds me that He is sovereign and knows just what He is doing. He also reminds me that my dear friend, Tara was with me when this promise was made so I have a witness!

Tonight I want to stand in agreement with someone who has been given a promise from the Lord. You are wondering if somehow you misunderstood, if God remembers, or if you should just forget about what God said… I want you to know that God has not forgotten!!! He knows what; He knows who; He knows why you’ve had to wait this long and He knows EXACTLY when you will be ready for the blessing He has in store for you. Don’t give up! Meditate on Isaiah 35 for the next week. Read the scripture and let it get down in the crevices of your soul. Let the Lord love on you for a little bit. Cry out to God and see if He won’t come see about you. Does that mean you’ll immediately get your blessing, I don’t know. But what I do know is that the Lord is concerned about those things that concern you.

Meditate on the word and let me know how it impacts you: Isaiah 35:3-7 (The Voice)
3 So, with confidence and hope in this message, strengthen those with feeble hands, shore up the weak-kneed and weary.
4 Tell those who worry, the anxious and fearful, “Take strength; have courage! There’s nothing to fear. Look, here—your God! Right here is your God! The balance is shifting; God will right all wrongs. None other than God will give you success. He is coming to make you safe.”
5 Then, such healing, such repair: the eyes of the blind will be opened; the ears of the deaf will be clear.
6-7 The lame will leap like deer excited; they will run and jump tirelessly and gracefully. The stutterer, the stammerer, and the tongue of the mute will sing out loud and clear in joyful song. Waters will pour through the deserts; streams will flow in godforsaken lands. Burning sands and hardened wastelands will become pools, shimmering with life; the thirsty ground will drink deep from refreshing springs. Abandoned villages where predators once lurked will become grassy playgrounds.  Dry, arid land will turn lush and green.

Until then, take good care of you,



Author: healedgirlsrock

Clergy, Social Justice Advocate, Servant, Educator, Facilitator, Counselor in Richmond, VA

One thought on “God Has Not Forgotten…

  1. Thank you for this message. I love this and so glad you shared. Sometimes you wonder is that voice you hear really for me. Trust God’s process


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