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An Extended Grace Period

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Two years ago, I preached a message “Your Grace Period Has Been Extended“. When we have a mortgage or a car note that has a grace period, it is a gift if we don’t have the money when the note is due. Catch me in the Spirit…God has deposited gifts in each of us that we have been waiting to use for whatever reason and the fact that God keeps us alive is an extension of God’s grace.  I have been without thought surrendering to a spirit of procrastination all of my life! That is a chronic dysfunctional behavior – just like any other addiction.  Today I surrender to the will of God for my life and say nevertheless – not my will but Thine Lord.
I’ve been, in the last 6 months, watching other people activate their visions and begin moving into their rightful places and I’ve repeatedly asked myself, “What’s got you frozen Lisa?” The resounding response is fear, finances and if I’m completely honest lack of focus!!! I just celebrated a birthday, a week ago and I realize that while my extended grace period for moving into the plan of God for my life may be coming to an end, God’s grace towards me is eternal!
I scheduled a meeting today to sit down with someone who is going to mentor me in starting up a 501-3C for my ministry. I am soliciting prayers as I embark upon this journey and begin moving into the things that God has assigned to my hands. Be in touch so that we might share this journey together!!! Take good care of you…


Author: healedgirlsrock

Clergy, Social Justice Advocate, Servant, Educator, Facilitator, Counselor in Richmond, VA

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